All Pilates sessions are 55 minutes long and can be tailored for both new students and advanced clients. 


Private Session 

Our 1-on-1 workout programs are personalized to help you achieve your body and fitness goals. We use the Pilate’s fundamentals, principles, and proper exercise techniques to bring about a deep and lasting change. If you have existing injuries or weaknesses, we will work through together to unlock your core potential. 


Semi-Private Session

Students can add or transition to Semi-Privates once they’ve learned the Pilates fundamentals, the order of exercises, and how to use our equipment safely.  

These sessions are fun and energetic. It’s the perfect opportunity to take your customized workout into a motivating duet with you and another client where you still benefit from personalized instruction that challenges your core, strength and flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness.


Tower/Mat Class

These classes combine the tempo and fluidity of mat work followed by bars and springs for four students at a time.