“My goal is to help you reach your personal fitness goals with an exercise method that is effective, fun, safe, and always challenging.”


About Me

Kristina McQuillan

I believe that each and every one of us can achieve our fitness goals by incorporating Pilates into our lives, and that it can bring positive transformation to our bodies. My clients return again and again to be pushed, challenged, and ultimately inspired by my uniquely motivating and result oriented style.

I studied under world-renowned Pilates master teacher Dorothee Vandewalle, and my teaching emphasizes precision, energy, and awareness of your body. 

I recognize that everyone is different, from the fitness novice or competitive athlete, to the rehabilitative client. I see each of my clients as a partner, and my goal is to help you maintain quality of life through fitness. While my methods are based in sound Pilates principals and developed with respect to each client’s current physical condition and level of fitness, it is not undemanding. I will make you sweat. 


About Pilates

Pilates has become the confessed secret weapon of many competitive athletes. It is proven highly effective in restoring the natural curves of the spine and in rebalancing specific muscles surrounding joints. It is also designed to strengthen deep abdominals and supportive muscles of the lower back. 

Runners, cyclists, triathletes, skiers, and football players are all doing Pilates to condition for their sport. What they’re learning as they progress in their practice is that Pilates also reconditions their bodies so they are not taken out of the game with an injury, and so that they can remain as active as possible.


For anyone who sits a lot at work, Pilates can stretch and strengthen the neck and shoulders, improving posture and body awareness while alleviating and preventing neck and shoulder strain.

With over 500 exercises performed on mats and spring-based equipment Pilates targets the body’s “powerhouse,” the stomach, back, and buttocks. A strong and stable core takes pressure off the more fragile limbs while improving breathing, balance, strength, flexibility, and alignment.

Classical Pilates is beneficial for men and women, young or old, whether you are athletic, sedentary, or in the process of physical therapy. The workouts are more than just an hour of exercise; they help change the way you feel about yourself.